Chad Heimbecker
Founder Current Resume & CV

Chad has been involved in Information Technology services for over 15 years.

Beginning with repairing the computers and peripheral hardware of friends, family, and high-school teachers, he moved onto administering the website of Muhlenberg College’s Biology Department during his semesters obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Biology with a Computer Science minor.

During college he interned at Orasure Technologies, Inc. aiding in the development of Visual C and embedded C languagese for internal assays and biomedical devices. Also during college he began to work for Bryson Products, Inc. a company in the highway safety industry. Initially his role was to upgrade and maintain the office network and website. However, that position quickly evolved with ever increasing responsibilities including overseeing development of new technologies and products, engineering safety solutions for highway construction projects, acquiring Federal, State and Local product approvals, and extensive involvement in the Roadside Safety Design community.

Notable achievements are recent patents assigned to new guardrail technologies, his position maintaining the American Association of State Highway Transportion Officials (AASHTO) Taskforce #13 website as Co-Chair of the Publications Subcommittee, and his involvement in developing and conducting a number of roadway safety training courses and webinar sessions with the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA).

Chad is proficient in the design and implementation of computer network systems using Windows Server and UNIX Operating Systems. His experience in system administration extends to hosting full encompassing websites running PHP, MySQL, Tomcat, Python, Java, pgSQL & other applications. He has developed custom software packages for a wide variety of businesses including biomedical, financial, industrial fabrication, internet file sharing, and others.

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